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Retired Teacher
Melfa, Virginia
Retired Teacher
Melfa, Virginia
See why you should partner with us
See why you should partner with us
Become part of the solution today
Become part of the solution today
Retired Buffalo Soldier
Chicago, Illinois
Retired Buffalo Soldier
Chicago, Illinois

Global Service for:
Students   -   Job/Promotion Seekers  -  Educators
Employees  -  Employers  -  Managers  -  Directors
Entrepreneurs  -  Practitioners   -   Politicians
Military  -  Civilians  -  Retirees

Online mentoring is an innovative strategy for providing encouragement and guidance to those who want and need a helping hand in completing a particular life mission; reaching an attainable goal. More of us would be making better progress in life if someone had reached out to show us the way to make the changes necessary to forge ahead.

Youth and adults, locally and globally, can benefit from this Mentoring Resource
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Profiles above are of Bronzed Connections members who agreed to partner with Mears Management by providing online advice according to their area(s) of expertise and based on their own experiences, both professionally and personally. These folk are neither Oprah nor Dr. Phil. They are ordinary people like you and me who are willing to share some information about their life lessons learned and to give a bit of advice from their perspective to you ... the reader.

Clear-cut advice that you will either choose to adhere to or not (SMILES).
Just as stated in the
Mears Management Mission, the final decision is always yours.



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