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Opportunity For:

Students    Job/Promotion Seekers     Educators     Employers
Employees      Managers     Entrepreneurs     Practitioners
Politicians     Directors     Military     Retirees

Mentee Benefits:
As an online mentee, you will be able to gain insights from various people in different parts of the world regarding challenges they have overcome in the areas of education, employment, entrepreneurship and economics. The only thing better than having one mentor is having access to several mentors who will advise you regarding different aspects of your life. Being able to gain information online saves time and provides a written account of experiences that you can review as often as needed.

Having external resources is often better than internal ones. There are things that family, friends, school guidance counselors and coworkers have not experienced and therefore are unable to share much needed information with you. Many times at work those who have been assigned to mentor you will limit their guidance because they see you as a possible threat to their own career potential. Through this online program, you will be able to bypass the usual politics and gain insights that would otherwise be withheld from you.

Mentor Goals and Benefits:
As an online mentor, you will be partnering with Mears Management by becoming a Bronzed Connections member to help improve the quality of life for those who need motivation in order to move forward and progress. You
 will be providing information regarding education, employment, entrepreneurship or economic challenges you have personally overcome.

As a member, you will be joining a special group of allies who are advocates of economic empowerment and bridging the divide by building diverse partnerships. Hence, you will be profiled as an advocate on a designated page within this free Bronzed Connections Newsletter for one year by requesting to have an Online Mentor's profile published on this site to market yourself and your agency. A link to your profile will be given to you for posting anywhere you desire online or offline. Fees shown in OM Membership Request form are nonrefundable and cover one profile article with identifying info, one photo and one external website link (if available), all of which must be approved before being published.

These professional profiles can be strategically added to your public relations portfolios, used for offline as well as online marketing, added to employment portfolios, used for job hunting or job changing, and they are also good for letting family and friends find out more about you, personally and professionally. All information submitted will be edited in accordance to grammatical, spelling and content appropriateness. Any help needed in enhancing your profile will be provided by the owner of Mears Management. Published profiles will remain visible for one year with the option to renew membership in order to keep them active. A link to your profile page will be noted on this Online mentors main page.

Your membership will also allow you the option to receive reduced prices on other Mears Management services you request or services you sponsor. This offer is available to active and retired persons. You will be endorsing Mears Management's mission to provide life management skills education for youth and adults, globally. This builds great Public Relations, which is the tie that binds people together. It really does take a village to help train and prepare an individual for the real world. Becoming a member means you will become part of this village, and your participation will make you part of our solution.

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